Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing Diversity for a Stronger, more Inclusive Society

At Upland Country Day School, we believe each student should feel known, loved, and valued. Part of that belief manifests itself in our mission to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our school community. We believe in preparing students to thrive in a multicultural society and equipping them with the tools they need to become culturally competent citizens.

We believe in preparing our students to

thrive in a diverse and multicultural society

An institutional commitment:

Part of our most recent strategic goals is “inclusivity and wellness.” In this, we seek to develop individuals of kindness and character who value physical and mental well-being and who respect and advocate for the inclusion of those with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

It’s about more than race. It’s about understanding all the many differences in our beliefs, backgrounds, and perspectives that we bring into the classroom and the school community.

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A MAP to Building a Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Recognizing that it comes in many forms, valuing diversity and working toward an inclusive community is in keeping with our mission and philosophy. Here is our “MAP” to building a welcoming and inclusive community:

Morally, treating all people with dignity, respect and kindness is the right thing to do.

Academically, fostering empathy by seeking to understand and respect others’ perspectives leads to enhanced critical thinking skills.

Practically, students who interact with others of varied backgrounds and lived experiences are better prepared to engage the world and more highly desirable as candidates for schools and careers.

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Discovering Upland

We believe children rise to high expectations and thrive on meaningful challenges. We believe that a quality, private school education should be accessible to all learners. We believe that a great education is the adventure of a lifetime. Discover how Upland Country Day School creates an environment where your student can flourish.

The Upland Way

From our nest in Chester County, PA, The Upland Way helps creates an atmosphere where children develop self-esteem, as well as respect for their peers as individuals. The Upland Way expects high standards of behavior, courtesy and academic performance. Discipline is firm within a relaxed, friendly atmosphere of mutual trust.

At Upland, with the right attitudes, our students are empowered to learn more, to do more and to be more.

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We believe children rise to our highest expectations, thrive on meaningful challenges, and never deserve anything less. Explore the multidimensional growth experience specifically designed to prepare each student for the future in each of our core schools:



Learning to spread your wings and fly.

Primary Center

(PreK – 1st)

Pairing unbridled enthusiasm and boundless curiosity.

Lower School

(2nd – 5th)

A focus on active, hands-on, inquiry-based work.

Upper School

(6th – 9th)

Building 21st century leadership and interpersonal skills.

Y9 Experience

(9th Grade)

Developing as role models and leaders for an entire student body.




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