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At a time when many schools throughout the country are eliminating art programs, Upland Country Day School is more committed than ever to its art programs and teaching our students the concept of aesthetic literacy. The arts are not extracurricular at Upland Country Day; they are integral to the complete education we provide our students in Pre-K to 9th Grade. Our robust, full participation program includes visual art, vocal and instrumental music, and theater—all essential manifestations of the human spirit.

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The arts at Upland take students on a journey of artistic exploration, where imagination knows no bounds and brilliance takes flight. Through artistic exploration, your children learn invaluable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaptability, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Our programs celebrate individuality and diversity, providing a platform for students of all backgrounds and abilities to shine, fostering a sense of inclusivity and contribution to our vibrant, supportive community.

Visual Arts

Brushing beyond boundaries.


Striking chords, shaping futures.

Theater Arts

Igniting theatrical imaginations.

Visual Arts

Upland students experience the full creative process, going from a blank slate to a finished work of art, using a variety of materials and techniques.

The Visual Arts program encompasses both 2-D and 3-D arts. Students paint and draw in various mediums, and make collages and prints. They also work with clay on the potter’s wheel and hand-build sculptures. They complete projects in origami, bookbinding, stained glass, mosaics and more. Because so much of our work at Upland is collaborative, Visual Art students also work on the set design and construction for the Theater Department’s many plays throughout the year.

Hands-on, immersive, & creative fusion

Art teacher Caroline Lathan-Stiefel explores how the combination of hands-on projects and art history come together to provide an enriching art curriculum.

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A focus on music begins in the Lower School as students learn the fundamentals of singing, dancing, playing instruments, and developing listening skills. They will learn musical terminology, melodic and rhythmic reading/notation, improvisation, composition, world music, and how music is connected to all other subjects.

By Upper School, students are given even more opportunities to grow as musicians and performs, allowing them to learn music history, experience a variety of genres and styles, try out for Vocal Ensemble or join Chorus, and hone in on techniques, instruments, and composition software.

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Discover a world of music

The Music Program at Upland Country Day School provides a creative platform to build students’ confidence and encourage them to step outside of their own comfort zone.

Music teacher Katrina Dobrzelewski describes how the art form of music is experienced and developed through the each of the senses and a comprehensive music literacy program.

Theater Arts

The exploration of theatre arts has a significant impact on fostering positive social development. It is an integral part of our comprehensive education, benefiting students at all levels by providing them with a well-rounded, hands-on, and interdisciplinary learning experience.

At Upland Country Day School, our Theater Art program is dedicated to encouraging students to view performing arts as a means of communication and self-expression. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment that allows students to delve into the theory, creation, and practice of performance. Through this program, we aim to cultivate a professional approach to the arts while nurturing students’ creativity and personal growth.

Experiencing the magic of theater

Drama is one of the many places at Upland where the world and history are explored, and empathy is cultivated through what the students read, discuss, experience, and create in the classroom and on the stage, beginning in the in PreK.

Teacher Jessica Otterbine explores the sense of ownership instilled in Upland students through the use of creating full-scale productions together.

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Explore Our Academic Programming

We believe children rise to our highest expectations, thrive on meaningful challenges, and never deserve anything less. Explore the multidimensional growth experience specifically designed to prepare each student for the future in each of our core schools:



Learning to spread your wings and fly.

Primary Center

(PreK – 1st)

Pairing unbridled enthusiasm and boundless curiosity.

Lower School

(2nd – 5th)

A focus on active, hands-on, inquiry-based work.

Upper School

(6th – 9th)

Building 21st century leadership and interpersonal skills.

Y9 Experience

(9th Grade)

Developing as role models and leaders for an entire student body.




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