The Y9 Experience

(9th Grade)

9th Grade: A Transformational Education

The 9th grade year at Upland Country Day School is a critical and rewarding year for our students as they are provided the opportunity to consolidate their academic skills, to explore their own strengths, and to mature in a caring and supportive environment. Yes – the Y9 curriculum majors on critical subjects such as math and science, but our program is much deeper than that. We believe in cultivating a student’s ability to deal with uncertainty and push through challenges while recognizing opportunities and taking action. The confidence, capability, and maturity that Upland Country Day School's 9th grade instills in its students prepares them to meet the challenges of the real world.

The 9th grade is the culmination of an Upland education.

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Setting your child up for success.

Secondary school placement is an incredibly important decision in the life of your student. Upland pairs each student up with a counselor to ensure the student has all the resources necessary to take the next step.

Liam Gallagher, Head of Upper School, explains the how Upland Country Day School partners closely with the student and the family for secondary school placement.


Where Academic Excellence Meets Personal Growth

Unlock leadership potential

In ninth grade, we are committed to empowering our students to emerge as leaders. Through a multitude of opportunities for personal growth and development, we enable our students to unlock their full potential and flourish within a nurturing and supportive environment. At Upland Country Day School, our students actively shape their futures and evolve into the leaders they aspire to become.


Build a strong foundation for success

UCDS Y9 provides students with the tools and support they need to build a strong sense of self, gain confidence, and lay the foundation for their future success. With our caring and supportive environment, students can consolidate their academic skills, explore their strengths, and prepare for a rewarding journey ahead.


Prepare for a successful transition to high school.

By the end of 9th grade our students are scholars, contributing members of school teams, participants in the school’s theatrical productions, international travelers and role models for younger students. They have confidence, a strong sense of self and the foundation to build whatever future they design for themselves.



"How do you spot a 9th grader at Upland? They're the ones leading an all-school assembly, giving the team a pep talk before a game, and leading the discussions in student council."

Explore Our Academic Programming

We believe children rise to our highest expectations, thrive on meaningful challenges, and never deserve anything less. Explore the multidimensional growth experience specifically designed to prepare each student for the future in each of our core schools:



Learning to spread your wings and fly.

Primary Center

(PreK – 1st)

Pairing unbridled enthusiasm and boundless curiosity.

Lower School

(2nd – 5th)

A focus on active, hands-on, inquiry-based work.

Upper School

(6th – 9th)

Building 21st century leadership and interpersonal skills.

Y9 Experience

(9th Grade)

Developing as role models and leaders for an entire student body.




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