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Our mission and our values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

“We exist to worship God, walk with Christ, and witness to the world.”


Worship God

God is worthy of all praise. He calls us, by his mercy, to devote every aspect of our lives to him. By the grace of Jesus Christ, we desire to honor him through the way that we live. We worship Him together through the reading and teaching of God’s word, singing, prayer, and care for one another.


Witness to the world

God’s desire is that people from every tribe, tongue, and nation would worship and enjoy Him. Christ calls us to be His witnesses to the world. Therefore, we love our neighbors in word and deed so that many will know Christ and receive the same freedom, forgiveness, and life that we have through Him.


Walk with Christ

God sent His son to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Having received this good news by faith, we are called to turn from sin and follow Christ’s example. We joyfully pursue the study of God’s word, prayer, and fellowship to mature as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

The core values of any organization reflect who they are and what they believe. At Valley Creek, we share common core values with the churches of Sovereign Grace Churches.


The Gospel—the good news of God’s saving activity in Jesus Christ—is the pinnacle of His redemptive acts, the center of the Bible’s story, and the essential message for our faith, life, and witness. We display God’s glory by celebrating, proclaiming, and living out the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit.


God has revealed through the Scriptures that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone. God’s sovereign grace in salvation humbles us, fills us with gratitude, and compels us to worship Him and share the message of His grace to all people.


The risen Christ commissioned His church to make disciples of all nations. We believe that commission falls to us and to all believers. As followers of Christ we seek to fulfill this call locally and globally, through things as simple as daily life to larger efforts such as church planting and international missions.


The Holy Spirit empowers us to walk with Christ in a way that brings glory to God. He empowers us for Christian life and witness, including the giving of His supernatural gifts for the building up of the church and for various works of ministry in the world.


God created men and women in His image, giving them equal dignity and value in His sight. According to His good design, men and women play distinct, but complementary, roles in the church and the home. This good design points us to who God is and how He relates to us through His son Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ reigns as head over His church, and He gives to His church elders (or pastors) to govern and lead local churches under His authority.


We enjoy a rich relationship with churches in the Malvern area and the broader United States. Our partnerships help us to care for our members and advance the gospel.

Sovereign Grace churches are built on strong commitments, faithful theological convictions, and generous support.

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